Octal literals have their uses (you Unix haters skip this one)

Wes Garland wes at page.ca
Thu Jan 12 11:51:23 PST 2012

I'll chime in with my vote - I would LOVE to be able to use octal literals
again in GPSEE for setting file permissions.

chmod("filename", parseInt("777", 8))

^^^^ just looks stupid when  chmod("filename", 0777) would work just fine.


On 12 January 2012 14:11, Brendan Eich <brendan at mozilla.com> wrote:

> [Resending reply with elaboration. /be]
> Yes, the ability to quote the octal literal with Node's APIs came up on
> the gist, but it's not enough.
> Quoting is easy to forget, and making the runtime convert string (literal)
> to number is inefficient compared to having JS do it at compile-time, and
> making the runtime (even via a call to parseInt) do it also increases bug
> habitat ever so slightly.
> Mainly, users don't have to shun octal in non-strict mode, and they do not
> in Node code I have seen. They won't be adopting strict mode as far as I
> can tell. Banning octal is just one more reason for those who *might* adopt
> strict mode to reject it.
> Agree on parseInt. Old dog, hard to change (runtime-only errors are
> migration- and user-hostile). Not sure what to do there.
> /be
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