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Thu Jan 12 01:57:30 PST 2012

I think introducing new language constructs for modules is good, because they are so fundamental. For incrementally migrating old code bases, it would make a lot of sense to allow ES.next modules to import AMDs and vice versa.

Furthermore, npm’s ability to install modules locally and to let local modules shadow global ones is a very smart way out of version hell. It would be nice to have something similar for ES.next modules, but it’ll be harder to do for browsers (as opposed to for Node.js and local file access).

On Jan 12, 2012, at 7:40 , James Burke wrote:

> I did a blog post on AMD that also talks about harmony modules. In the
> "ECMAScript" section I talk about some of the questions I have about
> with harmony modules:
> http://tagneto.blogspot.com/2012/01/simplicity-and-javascript-modules.html
> It is a fairly long post, not all of it applies to ECMAScript, but
> some of it ties into my comments on ECMAScript, so I think it is best
> to leave it in the blog post vs. reproducing here. Also, I do not
> expect answers to my questions right away, just throwing out things
> that would be nice to have answered as part of the final design.

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