ES6 doesn't need opt-in

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From: Axel Rauschmayer
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As a human, I would want an ES6 trigger to appear as early as possible. I 
wouldn’t want to read through a file, encounter an ES6 trigger at the end 
and then have to revise the understanding of the code that I had so far. I 
like the whole-file-or-nothing approach for switching semantics that you 

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But you can! Allen has explicitly said "put 'let ES6;' at the beginning if 
you want to force ES6". As a human, you can argue that it is humanly to 
actually do it. And when the code is such that it is really ES5&ES6 the 
whole time and only at the end the ES6 feature is used, then what? It is so.

I think the Mark Miller's "has the huge benefit that the ES6 spec can avoid 
describing the semantics of non-strict code. Cool." is undepinning what the 
real value behind the Allen's state machine is.


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