Improving Function.prototype.bind

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Thu Jan 5 13:24:33 PST 2012

> As things are going, things are not going to change. The strong desire to avoid any behavior breakingchange between ES5 and ES6 actually makes it impossible to fix a lot of issues. I’m starting to think Google may be right to start over a new language, the comitee is too conservative about ES.

Don’t forget that we do get a lot of really nice features via, including fixes for most quirks. The incremental approach does make sense and keeps everyone on board. A more radical approach has been tried – ECMAScript 4 – and abandoned. Furthermore, the input going into is diverse (E, Racket, Smalltalk, etc.). Lastly, progress is steady and if is finished by 2013 then that is quite impressive. Compare: five years between Java 6 – with few new features – and Java 7.

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