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On Jan 5, 2012, at 14:54 , Andrea Giammarchi wrote:

> Here the whole post with better examples plus the proposed solution that would be nice to have in JS.Next

I don’t use bound() and function expressions very often (I prefer that = this for most use cases).

However, the register/unregister pitfall is indeed real. How about the following solution?

    Function.prototype.attachTo = function (obj) {
        this.bound = this.bind(obj);
        return this;

    var obj = {
        mymethod: function () {
            // ...

    generic.addEventListener("stuff", obj.mymethod.bound, false);
    generic.removeEventListener("stuff", obj.mymethod.bound, false);

Python always binds methods that you access via obj.mymethod. Multiple accesses are equal (which I think is carried over to data structures), but not the same reference.

It’s a shame that we are really close in JavaScript, with the ECMA-262 specification using references.

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