a little `private` quirk

Herby Vojčík herby at mailbox.sk
Wed Jan 4 23:43:29 PST 2012


let's assume a constructor than calls `this.reset(...)` method in the 
process of initialization of an instance; and that, this method sets up lot 
of object properties to set up initial state, including private ones using 
`private(this).foo = "bar";` kind of statements.

It seems to me there is a little quirk, but maybe it is a feature:
- when there is at least one `private x = ...;` statement in the constructor 
itself before the call to this.reset(...), everything works perfectly, even 
undeclared private fields are set up fine;
- when there is not such a statement, this.reset(...) fails? There is no 
private variable record present.

That is, my question is, does `private(this).foo = "bar";` create a private 
variable record if it is not present?


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