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Wed Jan 4 12:27:02 PST 2012

On Jan 4, 2012, at 4:12 AM, Andreas Rossberg wrote:

>> Your (3) seemed to say "use module" was something distinct from (and also implicit in, so a part but not the whole of what is declared by) module declaration syntax. It's not -- as proposed, it's an alternative to explicit anonymous module{...} bracketing syntax that translates the block or body enclosing the pragma to an anonymous module.
> Yes, I understand that. My point was that you can reformulate all
> that, for (almost) equivalent effect, by saying that "use module" is
> _not_ a module definition, but basically the same mode pragma as
> before,

Just to be clear: you mean |use version 6;| here by "mode pragma as before"?

> except that it now is implicit with every module body.

Assuming you do, then there is a difference -- see below.

> The only difference I can see with this description is its effect on
> the semantics of multi-part scripts.

Dave's proposal has

  <script> = "hi";
    use module;

desugar to

  <script> = "hi";
    module {
      alert(foo);   // no early error, runs and alerts "hi"

which is not the same as what we were thinking of with "no global object as top scope" enabled by a version pragma:

  <script> = "hi";
    use version 6;
    alert(foo);     // early error here!

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