Boolean shortcuts

Herby Vojčík herby at
Wed Jan 4 05:57:31 PST 2012

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From: François REMY
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Subject: Re: Boolean shortcuts

BTW, I think the reason of your inconsistency is a bug : eval("{}") should
return undefined, as in IE9. It seems that node.js has a special case for
{}, probably to avoid a common mistake. Or there's a bug in the parser, I
don't know.

Well, it was not really eval("..."), I ran all the expressions in the REPL 
(the eval("{}") does return undefined). Though I think even in REPL (which 
is implemented by compiling a piece of script In v8 and running it, not 
directly though eval, but using v8 API) there should not be such 
inconsistency, either...


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