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Yehuda Katz wycats at
Tue Feb 28 08:50:04 PST 2012

Just catching up on this discussion. I should point out that this problem
applies to Map and possibly other collections as well.

Speaking as someone who is looking to use these features today, I hit this
problem immediately. Ember.js already has a Map; we can reliably generate a
unique id for any object (by stashing it on the object; ok for our cases),
and have a reliable way to generate guids for non-Objects.

Ideally, we'd like to be able to say something like: `if(typeof Map !==
"undefined") { Ember.Map = Map; }` (although we'd probably do more checks
because shims in general have worse performance characteristics).

Unfortunately, because of the `delete` problem, we cannot do this. Because
we are unwilling to monkey-patch Map directly, we will have to create a
shim object that delegates to the Map.

I'm sympathetic to the "let's not make choices based on old broken
browsers", but let's be fair here. The name `remove` is perfectly clear. In
five years, nobody is going to think twice about that API, and web
developers won't think twice about it today. Using a clear name that also
happens not to run afoul of older browsers for shim purposes isn't caving
to the past: it's being pragmatic about helping people adopt a new feature
with very little cost.

Yehuda Katz
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