Sugar for *.prototype and for calling methods as functions

Mariusz Nowak at
Tue Feb 21 03:16:23 PST 2012

Sorry if it already has been picked up (I searched and didn't found anything
close that).

In my last months of work with JavaScript what that I miss a lot in ES5
syntax is:

1. Syntax shortcut for '.prototype'. Instead of writing
String.prototype.trim I'd love to be able to write for example String#trim 
(it's not proposal, just example how it may look).
As most native ES methods are generic there are a lot of valid use cases for
that e.g.:, fn);

2. Syntax sugar for calling method as a function. In following examples I
just place '@' at end of method that I'd like to be run as function.

Array#forEach@(listThatsNotArray, fn));


trimmedListOfStrings =;

Last example is same as following in ES5:

trimmedListOfStrings =;

This two proposals will make methods easily accessible for some functional
constructs, and I think might be revolutionary for those who favor such
functional way of programming.

Let me know what do you think about that.

Mariusz Nowak

Mariusz Nowak
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