New full Unicode for ES6 idea

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Sun Feb 19 08:25:55 PST 2012

>> es-discuss-only idea: could that BRS be made to carry more weight? Could it be a switch for all breaking changes?
> What do you have in mind? It had better be important. We *just* had the breakthrough championed by dherman for "One JavaScript". Why make trouble by adding runtime semantic changes unduly?

Two points:
- IIRC, attributes such as onclick are not yet solved, the ideas proposed sounded like a BRS, so maybe the two solutions can be combined.
- If we keep in the back of our minds the possibility of using the BRS as ES6 opt-in, while going forward with "One JavaScript" (1JS), both approaches can be tested in the wild. I’m mostly sold on 1JS, but a few doubts remain, trying out the BRS "clean cut" solution for Unicode will either allay or confirm those doubts.

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