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> As long as we don't end up with ambiguous constructor as Array could be (
> Array(1) VS Array([1]) ) ... so what if the iterable *is* the value I would
> like to add() automatically ?

Don't use spread on it.

> If it's about auto magic population with auto magic filtering and ordering
> of potential duplicated values ( and already too much magic, imo ) I would
> keep Set.length 0 accepting 0 to N arguments rather than a single one so
> yes, spread through iterable would be ideal.
> On the other hand, Map and WeakMap have different relation, based on
> pairs, and different kind of pairs ( object only or anything )
> What if we leave these constructors in peace and let outer wrappers
> eventually decide what kind of sorcery should be applied during
> initialization ? :-)

I think that's the intent of allowing spread to exhaust an iterator.
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