Set iterators

Brendan Eich brendan at
Tue Feb 14 19:13:13 PST 2012

Jason Orendorff wrote:
> I don't think that has ever happened. Python hash codes differ from
> version to version and from OS to OS. Jython has a completely
> different hashing function from CPython, even for strings. Keep in
> mind that hash tables are one of two core data structures in Python,
> so if code could sanely depend on iteration order, it would.
Is this comparable with JS? Interop on the web is a harsh mistress. The 
C-Python vs. IronPython vs. PyPy vs. etc. situation is more of a 
"porting model" with one-way forks.

> Mark Miller is holding up the argument for determinism really well.
> I'm not sure anyone disagrees with his points. We should look into
> deterministic data structures and measure the performance.



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