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>>>> See the thread containing Dean Landolt's dissent on 'length' being the
>>>> best
>>>> name:
>>>> The January 19 2012 meeting notes recorded here:
>>>> include "At next meeting MarkM will present a tiny API proposal for maps
>>>> and
>>>> sets."
>>> In today's practice, iterables are ducktyped by the presence of a
>>> "length" property.
>> IME they're ducktyped by the presence of forEach (this is far from perfect).
>> Length has nothing to do with iterability. What about generators?
> I don't want to go looking anything up right now, but I have lots of
> memories of things looking for the presence of "length" to denote an
> array-like.

Not only that, `length` is how ES's own Array methods control iteration.

> []{ 0: "bar", 1: "qux" }, function(val) { console.log(val);  });

> []{ 0: "bar", 1: "qux", length: 2 }, function(val) { console.log(val);  });

>>>  I don't think an "[implication of] metric
>>> topology" matters to basically anyone who's not a huge language-design
>>> nerd. ^_^
>> I'm pretty sure math geeks would disagree.
> We math geeks are also thin on the ground, so the point of my
> assertion (that the number of people who care is vanishingly small)
> still holds.
>>> Additionally, having multiple names for the "size of" property makes
>>> it more difficult to learn, and more difficult to create generic code.
>> That's a bold assertion. I'd argue that having two different names for two
>> things that are fundamentally different is quite practical. It's especially
>> useful for writing generic code ;)
> They're not fundamentally different unless you go to some lengths (pun
> not intended) to make them so.  "length" is the size of a collection;
> it doesn't immediately denote anything about the indexability of said
> collection.
>> But more practically we need different names -- setting length has certain
>> expectations that wouldn't hold across all collections. Violating these
>> expectations would make things ever more difficult to learn...and generic
>> code even harder to write.
> This sounds pretty reasonable.  The fact that 'length' is settable on
> Array is pretty weird in the first place imo,

If you think of `length` in terms of measuring a physical thing, it's
not weird at all.

> and as you say, it's
> nonsensical for Set/Map.  Okay, I'm more in favor of 'count' or
> something being a readonly on all the collections then, as you
> suggested in the thread Brendan linked, so that it can become the "new
> length".
> ~TJ
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