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Sun Feb 12 13:46:49 PST 2012

Agreed, my "remove is the best all-around name" was biased toward the 
past. We can hang tough. This isn't a huge hardship. Indeed way back in 
1996 when Nick Thompson and I connected JS and Java at Netscape, some 
Java APIs required, e.g. file['delete']() instead of file.delete(). I 
wish I had not reserved property names in '95. Fixed in ES5!


Mark S. Miller wrote:
> I feel strongly that "delete" is the right name for this. Currently, 
> all the method names (get, set, has, delete) relate directly to the 
> names associated with these operations when applied to properties, 
> making them more mnemonic.
> The need to say collection['delete'](...) rather than 
> collection.delete(...) is only a temporary measure until the ES3 
> browsers fade out enough to either 1) be ignored, or 2) be supported 
> only as the target of an ES5/6 -> ES3 translation. Granted this will 
> take years. But we'll be living with these choices for many more years 
> after that.
> On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 11:11 PM, Peter Michaux 
> <petermichaux at <mailto:petermichaux at>> wrote:
>     The Set proposal has a "delete" method. Old ECMAScript implementations
>     do not allow "delete" to appear as a bare method name like
>     set.delete('foo') and it is necessary to write the awkward
>     set['delete']('foo'). Because of this and knowing polyfills will be
>     written to support Set in older implementations, would it be better to
>     choose "remove" as the method name so that set.remove('foo') can be
>     written in the older implementations? I think this would save a lot of
>     unnecessary debugging for cross-browser programming.
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