Internationalization summary 1/19 (TC39 meeting)

Norbert Lindenberg ecmascript at
Sun Feb 5 22:22:24 PST 2012

Following up on Nebojša's summary, I'd like to
- Rename the namespace object of the Globalization API from "Globalization" to "Intl".
- Then rename the API itself from "Globalization API" back to "Internationalization API".

I searched a bit and found indications that the global "Globalization" may have been used for some time by the library now known as jquery/globalize. I haven't found any evidence of "intl" or "Intl" being used in the global namespace ("Intl" is used in the YUI namespace).

Within ECMAScript it seems there's a preference for capitalized namespace names: Math, JSON, hence "Intl".

Our API was conceived as the "Internationalization API", then became the "Globalization API" to match the name of the namespace object. With "Intl", "Internationalization API" again is the better match.



On Jan 20, 2012, at 14:38 , Nebojša Ćirić wrote:

>   Going back to module vs. global object discussion. General agreement was that we should pick a global name and work with that, then use modules when they are ready, but that we should wait for Brendan to pitch in before making a final decision. Most of the group was for shorter name i.e. "intl" if it doesn't introduce conflicts.
>   The reason for this discussion was the current state of the module spec, i.e. it's not clear yet where load/loaded will reside (not everybody agrees on Object.system). In order to produce an implementation by March and have draft accepted we do need to decide rather soon on this.

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