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> OK.  This introduces yet another lexing context, in which all productions
> *except* QuasiMiddle and QuasiEnd are disallowed, and white space and
> comment handling is funny.  That works if the expressions must be one of
> the two forms:
> $id
> ${expr}
> Is that the exhaustive list, or are we looking at other forms such as $$, $
>, $id[expr], etc.?

I'll let Mike speak for the details of what he really wants to propose. But
here are the answers from E:

escapes with the quasi literal text are taken care of by the QuasiChar
production, much like the existing definition of DoubleStringCharacter:

    QuasiChar ::
        SourceCharacter but not one of $ or `
        $ $
        $ `
        $ \ EscapeSequence

So that `$$` === "$", `$`` === "`", and `$\n` === "\n", respectively.

Regarding `...$` and `...$id[expr]...`, only the first id in each
case in in the quasiHole. All the text afterwards is part of the QuasiClose.

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