Nested Quasis

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at
Wed Feb 1 12:21:29 PST 2012

On Feb 1, 2012, at 12:12 PM, Mike Samuel wrote:

> 2012/2/1 Waldemar Horwat <waldemar at>:
>> On 01/31/2012 03:04 PM, Allen Wirfs-Brock wrote:
>>> I would think the solution to this is pretty straightforward.  Basically,
>>> a Quasi is not a single token.   the grammar in the proposal can almost be
>>> read that way right now.   It should only take a little cleanup to factor it
>>> into a pure lexical part and a syntactic part.
>> I'd love to see this little cleanup.  I thought about it for a while and
>> couldn't come up with it myself; I'm not sure it can even be done.
> What should I put in the proposal?  A delta to the lexical grammar?

I expect that what we will ultimately end up with is some token additions to the lexical grammar and some new syntactic grammar productions that put those tokens together into complete Quasis.  If you want to work on a first cut at those it would be great.  Otherwise, I'll need to do the work when I start editing Quasis into the actual specification. 


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