excluding features from sloppy mode

Kevin Smith khs4473 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 16:51:54 PST 2012

> There's no invisible switch. You are assuming something not axiomatic:
> that new syntax head-forms other than module must inherit sloppy from outer
> code. That does not follow without more argumentation.

I guess I'm saying that anything other than inheritance, without the
pragma, is an invisible switch.

I'm not sure what "pragma-haunts" means. Adding "use strict"; to
> ClassElement sounds more like that, and I'm clearly arguing against!

OK - good!

> Who actually uses this or an equivalent? I see lots of code choosing one
> or another module/package system but few attempts at dual interop. I
> haven't see this in the field, but I'm not looking hard.

Esprima:  https://github.com/ariya/esprima/blob/master/esprima.js
Q: https://github.com/kriskowal/q/blob/master/q.js#L29

If you want your code to work in Node+AMD+Whatever that's what you're stuck

This is all fun, but "ultimately" is a giveaway. Years from now, modules
> uber alles, you bet. I'm arguing against coupled (multiplied) risk in the
> near term.

I'm glad to be entertaining : )

And see your point about multiplied risk - I just don't think there's much
risk of non-adoption of modules in the near term (year and a half?).

{ Kevin }
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