Changing [[Prototype]]

Mariusz Nowak at
Fri Dec 28 02:33:25 PST 2012

Brendan Eich-3 wrote:
> In a more serious vein, we are at cross purposes with reality. Mutable 
> __proto__ just *is*. It is a de-facto standard.
> (...)
> Self had writable parent slots. One can disagree with the design 
> decision, but it's not unique to JS or uniquely evil.

I'm totally after "legalizing" __proto__ (I already had few valid use cases
for that in important projects)
but maybe we should deprecate `__proto__` (being a "property" is really
problematic) and standardize `Object.setPrototypeOf`? It would make things
much cleaner and safe.

Mariusz Nowak

Mariusz Nowak
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