excluding features from sloppy mode

Kevin Smith khs4473 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 22:30:13 PST 2012

First, maybe the "1JS" term is a bit confusing and should be retired.

I think a few simple rules are in order:

1) No opt-in required for new syntax, except:
2) No breaking changes for sloppy mode.
3) No implicit opt-in to strict mode.

Everyone agrees on rule #1.  Rule #2 implies no "let" declarations in
sloppy mode, and no breaking block function semantics in sloppy mode.  (Are
there others?)  Rule #3 is probably the most controversial, but I think
it's important.

If we have implicit opt-in to strict mode via new syntax:

- Figuring out what code is sloppy and what code is strict is going to end
up the domain of language lawyers.  A casual user should not have to know
when a particular syntactic feature was added in order to know what are the
runtime semantics for that code.  All a casual user should have to know is
to put "use strict' at the top of the file.

- Taking advantage of new syntax (perhaps in the head of a function) will
trigger completely unrelated semantic changes.  This feels messy.

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