Changing [[Prototype]]

David Bruant bruant.d at
Mon Dec 24 02:58:47 PST 2012

With the problem at hand and the solution currently being proposed 
(nodes changing of [[Prototype]] on adoptNode), it will remain possible 
to observe objects changing of [[Prototype]] after a "delete 
Object.prototype.__proto__". I don't know to what extends it's a good or 
a bad thing, but I thought it's worth mentionning.


Le 24/12/2012 10:48, Anne van Kesteren a écrit :
> I thought I'd give a heads up as over on www-dom at we're
> discussing two cases where we likely need to change the prototype
> chain of objects: and methods that do the equivalent
> of document.adoptNode() (including that method itself):
> It seems ES6 has __proto__ which also allows modifying [[Prototype]]
> so presumably this is nothing particularly bad, although it is very
> ugly :-(

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