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Changes marked as “Rev 13”
This revision generalizing object allocation in order to make it easier to subclass built-ins and other objects with private instance state. TypedArrays are now better integrated into the spec. Cleaned up many typos and issues introduced with the major refactoring in Rev 12.

Changes include:

Well-known Symbols and Intrinsics added as
[[HasProperty]] reintroduced as an internal method
Elimianted [[Key]] and updated [[OwnPropertyKeys]] to return an iterator. Object.keys and Object.getOwnProertyNames now uses [[OwnPropertyKeys]].
Restructured ordinary [[Construct]] to looks for and call a @@create method on the constructor. This permits the separate definition of the allocation and initialization actions of constructors. This makes built-ins and other objects that require special allocation to be subclassable but corrects the problem of a single instance be initialized as an instance of multiple such classes. See
Added default @@create method for Function.prototype. Restructued Date, Map, WSeakMap, Set to use @@create based instance allocation.
Added Indexed Delegation Exotic objects to support array-like indexing of TypedArray objects.
Renamed “items” interator methods to “entires”
Complete reworked ArrayBuffer and TypedArray sections. They now use @@create pattern for allocation and are subclassable. Still not integrated with Binary Data proposal but  this is the foundation for doing so.
Resolved bugs: 1161, 1156, 1154, 1152, 1151, 1149-1147, 1145, 1143, 1141-1138, 1135, 1130, 1127, 1122, 1120-1118, 1112, 1107-1099, 1097-1090, 1088, 1086, 1084-1077, 1074-1064, 1062, 1061, 1058, 1056-1052, 1050-1024, 1022-982, 922

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