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> In JS, it's a lot easier with
>     the VM support for filtering based on exception type. We're
>>     working on such VM support in SpiderMonkey, see
>> Debugger_API_Reference/**Debugger#onExceptionUnwind()<>
>>     <https://developer.mozilla.**org/en-US/docs/SpiderMonkey/**
>> JS_Debugger_API_Reference/**Debugger#onExceptionUnwind%28%**29<>
>> >.
>> I'm excited to see this kind of advance. However, as I said earlier, this
>> is the smaller part of the impact of non-error exception handling. In
>> addition to such APIs as you cite, the specification that separates error
>> and non-error exceptions must also be considered.
> TC39 is not and will not make any such "global" a-priori specification.
> People expect to subclass Error, the spec already does. That's fair. But
> you can throw any value, and real code does use this. Narcissus in the
> original metacircular form had very pretty exception-but-not-error throwing
> to implement throw, break and continue (including to label), and return:
> master/lib/jsexec.js#L476<>
> master/lib/jsexec.js#L484<>
> master/lib/jsexec.js#L512<>
> master/lib/jsexec.js#L517<>
>  Depending on the design, this could be anywhere from "only errors raise
>> exceptions" to "developers must supply a algorithm to decide". Languages
>> with a centrally controlled type system (I have in mind Java) provide a
>> relatively simple way to separate these exceptions.
> And how is this relevant? I'm not snarking back. JS != Java.

Java is one example of a language that supports non-error uses of the
try/catch exception mechanism. Part of that support includes a way for
debuggers to distinguish errors uses from non-error uses. Encouraging
additional non-error use of the JavaScript try/catch mechanism without a
similar means to separate them from error uses will make features like
onExceptionUnwind tedious for developers to use.

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