Bringing ES6 to programmers as soon as possible

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Wed Dec 19 08:40:03 PST 2012


I would really like to see a shared resource collecting ES6 shims
and techniques.

Since this involves checking those shims against the evolving
spec, it would be good to have this as a wiki page moderated
by tc39 (otherwise we'll keep seeing new blog posts showing
how to use old specs). 

Then transpilation ideas could be shared and reused, but also 
be whittled down and improved.

For instance, traceur maps let to try/throw/catch, which is clever
for a prototype, but not practical for production use (defeating 
optimizers). TypeScript maps arrow functions to a 'that=this'
pattern, which is clever, but would be rather complicated to get
right, and TypeScript doesn't (better to use .bind, and shim that
for ES3). Mapping let to IIFE is simple, but needs refinement for 
'this'/'arguments'/.. . And so on, and so on.


Smaller notes on the blog post

- harmonizr != modernizr    (url typo)

- for transpilers, feel free to link to

- it is good to see the TypeScript project holding their ES6+types
    position against all those .net folks who want to change it into
    something else; if that wall was ever breached, TS would hold 
    the same disadvantages as CS


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