Reflection of global bindings

David Bruant bruant.d at
Sat Dec 15 09:34:27 PST 2012

Le 15/12/2012 18:23, Boris Zbarsky a écrit :
> On 12/15/12 12:21 PM, David Bruant wrote:
>> On public-script-coord, Boris Zbarsky showed an example [1] where a
>> global variable is var-defined and then observed to be absent from the
>> global object it was attached to (because the WindowProxy has changed of
>> underlying window object).
> No, nothing of the sort.  The example shows it _present_ on the global 
> (the third alert in my example) but missing from the WindowProxy 
> (fourth alert).
I'm comparing the second and fourth alert (that's not what the example 
was created to show, but that's what it shows too). In the second alert, 
there is the 'foo' property and it is non-configurable as per the spec, 
because you var-declared it. In the 4th alert, the property has 
magically disappeared.


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