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> On another note, I do sort of wonder why `Number.isNaN` is coming into the language now at the same time as the `is` operator and ``.  It seems teaching people (and getting them to remember long-term) the nuances of `isNaN` and `Number.isNaN` will be more difficult than just teaching people to use `x is NaN` in ES6 or `, NaN)` in an ES3/5 + ES6 shims environment.

`is` operator is dead :( :( :(

(Someone want to find a link to the minutes that killed it? I keep having to correct people on this.)

> There's not an `isNull` or `isUndefined`. The only reason `isNaN` was needed was because `===` didn't work with `NaN`, but `is` does.

This is pretty reasonable, actually. The only argument I can see is that `array.filter(Number.isNaN)` is shorter than `array.filter(x =>, NaN))`.

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