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Honest question: I have yet to see boxed values in practice. Are there any real use cases?

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>>> In that case, the current spec is wrong. The purpose of introducing Number.isNaN is to repair the >> following bug in the global isNaN:
>>>    isNaN("foo") // returns true
> Indeed, as Yusuke noted on the other reply, I referred to the wrong 'isNaN'.  And as you note, the point of the 'Number.isNaN' variant is to avoid any coercions.  
> That still leave's JDD's original suggestion to allow Number.isNaN(Object(NaN)) to return 'true' by checking for either primitive or boxed Number.  It feels a little odd to introduce another kind of limited coercion into the language, but perhaps it is practically valuable to not differentiate boxed and unboxed numbers here?
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