lexical 'super' in arrow functions?

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Mon Dec 10 13:49:31 PST 2012

> That's related to a feature I have on my list to implement:
> cross-referencing actions in a step-through debugger/action record with
> their specific origin in the spec. So as you step into a function, see a
> sidebar scrolling by with Function Declaration Instantiation, multiple hits
> on Create(Mutable|Immutable)Binding, InstantiateArgumentsObject, Binding
> Initialization, etc.

I've followed your occasional near-announcements with interest
but cannot help the feeling that there is a great effort the purpose
of which I do not fully appreciate yet. Sometimes it seems you
understate what you've already implemented, at other times it
seems as if this is mostly a fascinating project for you, with little
concern about how other might find it useful.

Even as an executable version of the spec, it would be great to 
have. If single-stepping and cross-referencing helps program
understanding, tool support for single-stepping through a cross-
referenced spec should help getting used to the spec internals
(not to mention helping to verify spec consistency).

Or am I misunderstanding again?-)

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