Binary data: Structs and ArrayBuffers

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On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 3:34 AM, David Herman <dherman at> wrote:

> Typed Arrays will become a special case of binary data objects. In other
> words, the binary data API generalizes typed arrays completely.

Sounds like a plan!

> Yes, but with some exceptions. We will be extending the API to allow
> fields of type "object" (basically, pointers to JS objects) or the type
> "any" (basically, any JS value whatsoever), but those types will not be
> allowed to expose their ArrayBuffer.

I see, makes sense.

> Same story: if you have the type "object" or the type "any" you can't get
> at the underlying ArrayBuffer.

As well as this.

As Ken says, the WhatWG string encoding/decoding spec is the way to do
> that. The important thing to recognize is that a string formats are just
> that -- encoding/decoding formats -- rather than "types." There isn't and
> won't be a string type, or a UTF8 type, or anything like that in the API.

Sounds good!

> Arrays inside structs. Are there plans for this? They're not absolutely
> necessary, but often quite handy anyway, for example:
> >
> > StructType({
> >   unique: uint32[4]
> > })
> That's definitely supported.


> > Also, what's the plan with Typed Arrays anyway? Are we going to adopt
> them as a part of JS or leave it as an extension?
> Fully adopted.


> > Binary stuff is hard in a language like JavaScript, but I think that
> ultimately we'll get something workable, and would love to see more
> discussion around this!
> I think binary data will be very nice in ES6, and I'm excited about where
> it's headed. We've started implementation in SpiderMonkey and hopefully
> before too long people will be able to start experimenting with it in
> nightly builds of Firefox.

I for one am eager to get experimenting with this! I think this will be
quite useful especially for our JS codecs project.

> Thanks for your questions!

Thanks for your answers!

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