Comments on Meeting Notes

Brendan Eich brendan at
Tue Dec 4 11:44:11 PST 2012

Kevin Smith wrote:
>     1JS wants new syntax to be its own opt-in. 
> Right - except of course `let[i] = j;` isn't new syntax.

Of course, you cited only one sentence I wrote and cut the rest where I 
adverted to the problem. But is it a real problem?

>  In non-strict, `let` is either an identifier, or it isn't.  If it's 
> an identifier, then let it be a full-fledged identifier, not some 
> half-man, half-beast.  I think it's best to avoid situations where we 
> have to say things like "it is, except when it's not".

What if we just say "use let in ES6"? The incompatible change is nasty 
in theory, but in practice it may be a tree falling in a forest.

This is the argument, which you did not engage because you assumed a 
conclusion or just preferred not to have to worry. I sympathize! But the 
position we arrived at does not require assuming anything. 
Implementations and search engines can try this out and see if it bites 


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