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Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Tue Dec 4 11:27:38 PST 2012

> 1JS wants new syntax to be its own opt-in.

Right - except of course `let[i] = j;` isn't new syntax.  In non-strict,
`let` is either an identifier, or it isn't.  If it's an identifier, then
let it be a full-fledged identifier, not some half-man, half-beast.  I
think it's best to avoid situations where we have to say things like "it
is, except when it's not".

And while I agree that `let` is nice, in my personal experience it's by far
not the most important new feature of ES6.  In fact, for me it ends up way
down on the list behind arrows, classes, object literal shortcuts,
templates, comprehensions, destructuring, modules, const, etc.  It's above
proxies though ; ).  In short, I don't think we need to put quite such a
high priority on `let` adoption.

- Kevin
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