lexical 'super' in arrow functions?

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.org
Tue Dec 4 08:20:31 PST 2012

Herby Vojčík wrote:
> WHY / WHAT / HOW sections (with only HOW being normative)? 

I've said it before: ECMA-357 (E4X) tried this and all it did was make 
more bug habitat in the informative sections, and confuse implementors 
who treated prose as normative and took its differences not as bugs, but 
as truth (either ignoring the normative spec pseudo-code, or thinking it 

As Sam said, a spec cannot serve two masters. Pedagogy and more advanced 
studies require other tools. The first job of the spec is to normatively 
specify the language for implementors.

I look forward to Brandon's super-cross-referencing work!


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