On dropping @names

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.org
Mon Dec 3 18:35:47 PST 2012

Brandon Benvie wrote:
> I understand that there's limitations on what can be packed into this 
> release and in particular this proposal pushes the limits. But I don't 
> buy the ES7-is-around-the-corner wager for two reasons.

Neither ES6 (+1 years) nor ES7 (+4) is "around the corner".

You are forgetting that we draft specs and *prototype-implement* well in 
advance of dotting ISO i's and crossing Ecma t's. Same as for "HTML5" 
and other modern standards.

So please do help get @-names back on track. Recall the main objection 
was not the generativity of @names mixed with the obj. at foo pun 
(after-dot). It was the usability tax of having to declare

   private @foo;

before defining/assiging

   obj. at foo = foo;

(in a constructor, typically).


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