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> I was just reading through the binary data proposal [1] and I have a few
> comments / questions:
> First of all, how will this integrate with the Typed Arrays?

Typed Arrays are already using similar logic where Float32Array is, as
example, a new ArrayType(float32, length)

> Will a struct have an intrinsic ArrayBuffer? What about an ArrayType
> instance?

I believe Float32Array should be instanceof ArrayType

> If they do, how will it react to typeless properties? Are typeless
> properties allowed in the first place (IIRC there was a talk I watched
> where David Herman or someone else said that this might be)? Will you be
> able to extract structs out of an ArrayBuffer?

I hope so ... MyStructArray = new ArrayType(new
StructType({myStruct:fields}), length) so that new MyStructArray([st])[0]
will be your struct?

> Pointers. Now it's useful if a struct can contain an array of arbitrary
> size, but we don't have pointers. We can't let the struct be of arbitrary
> size either. What are the thoughts on this?

what is an arbitrary size struct? what do you mean?

> Arrays inside structs. Are there plans for this?

I think supported already

const Pixel = new StructType({ point: Point2D, color: Color });

same could be {color: Uint8Array} ... isn't it ? is as RGBA

> Also, what's the plan with Typed Arrays anyway? Are we going to adopt them
> as a part of JS or leave it as an extension?

predefined handy natives?

> Binary stuff is hard in a language like JavaScript,

not really, JS has type checks since ever, just consider TypeError
constructor ;-)

> but I think that ultimately we'll get something workable, and would love
> to see more discussion around this!
for what is worth it, I wrote a way to test now this stuff in 2011 ...

That is (was?) a workable shim for typed stuff in JS, grab any FF and test

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