Proposal: Reflecting on non-string property names

Tom Van Cutsem at
Sun Dec 2 08:44:54 PST 2012

2012/12/1 Allen Wirfs-Brock <allen at>

> Requirements:
> 1) In ES6 property keys are no longer limited to string values, we now
> also have keys that are Symbols.
> 2) Some meta-programming tasks will requires a way to reflectively obtain
> a list of all public property keys.
> 3) The existing reflection APIs for property keys
> (Object.getOwnPropertyNames and Object.keys) only return string values and
> we don't want to break existing clients of those functions by returning
> non-string values.
> Solution:
> 1) Object.getOwnPropertyNames and Object.keys remain unchanged.  They only
> return a string property key values.
> 2) Reflect.ownKeys(obj) is a new reflection function that returns an
> iterator.  The iterator produces the keys of all public own properties of
> the object pass as an argument.  This includes both string and Symbol key
> values.  A property whose key is a private Symbol is not a public property
> and its key is not returned by the ownKeys iterator.
> 3) The [[OwnPropertyKeys]] internal method is defined to return an
> iterator with the same definition as used for Reflect.ownKeys.
>  (Reflect.ownKeys is implemented as a call to this internal method).
>  [[OwnPropertyKeys]] replaces the like-named internal method in the current
> spec. draft and also replaces the [[GetOwnPropertyNames]] internal method
> used in the wiki Proxy proposals.
> 4) ownKeys is the corresponding Proxy trap. The getOwnPropertyNames trap
> is removed.
> 5) Object.keys and Object.getOwnPropertyNames are respecified in terms of
> [[OwnPropertyKeys]].  They internally drain the iterator and continue to
> return arrays of strings.
> Any objections?

Sounds good.

We probably still need to clear up the discussion on invariants for
[[OwnPropertyKeys]] on a non-extensible proxy. I don't remember if we
reached a consensus on that.

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