Annex A of 5th Edition

Joseph Spencer js.developer.undefined at
Wed Aug 29 23:40:46 PDT 2012

Hello All,

This is my very first posting to this group!!!  I'm very excited to be a
part of ECMAScript development, even if it be minute.

My intention in sending this came about while writing an ECMAScript
build tool and reading through the Production definitions of the
language outlined in Annex A of ECMAScript 5th Edition.

Is the prevention of the token { an error in this context?  Initially I
thought it was to give parse flow over to the Block Production, until I
realized that the following 'should' be a valid ExpressionStatement:

As written, it is suggested that the following is legal (which seems

Please forgive me if my findings are false, and advise where my
understanding is lacking.

-Joseph Spencer

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