Function declaration in labelled statements

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Tue Aug 28 06:56:20 PDT 2012

Shijun He wrote:
> ES5 strict mode disallow Function declaration in any statements. It's
> fine, but Function declaration in top labelled statements seems
> harmless, why not relax the rules to allow them so we can use "Labeled
> Modules Specification" ? Though it seems too late to fix.

It is, see below.

> Code example:
> 'use strict' // cause SyntaxError: In strict mode code, functions can
> only be declared at top level or immediately within another function.
> exports: function area(x1, y1, x2, y2){
>    return length(x1, x2) * length(y1, y2);
> }

This is a labeled named function expression statement, given a ; or ASI 
after the closing brace. We can't change its meaning to declare a 
function area, with hoisted name. That's an incompatible change, and 
while it might seem unlikely to break any real code, you would be surprised.

People tend to make unnecessary labels, especially in event handlers 
where javascript: at the front of the HTML attribute value has been seen 
in the wild. Couple that with a function expression that is not 
parenthesized, but possibly immediately invoked, and you have real trouble.

The grammatical problem is harder: we use lookahead restriction,

ExpressionStatement :
[lookahead ∉ {{, function}] Expression ;

to prevent a function expression from starting an expression statement. 
To allow a labeled function declaration (not expression) we would have 
to make this lookahead restriction conditional on whether the 
ExpressionStatement is labeled.

Crock and I have proposed restricting labeled statements to those that 
could use the label (not expression statements, currently; but block 
lambdas could make this future-hostile, although we have nearly 
unanimously ruled out Tennent's Correspondence Principle designs in the 
future that want such a label-using block-lambda). See

This looks like more trouble than it is worth, and again, it's an 
incompatible change. Those rogue javascript: labels exist on the web.


> References:
> Labeled Modules Specification:
> LMS implementation:
> my.js (ES6-like module system which utilize the same ideas from LMS
> for import/export syntax):
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