Some questions about Private Name Objects

David Bruant bruant.d at
Mon Aug 27 12:36:45 PDT 2012

Le 27/08/2012 21:22, Kevin Smith a écrit :
>     A last alternative is to associate private data via a WeakMap (it
>     can be shimmed in ES5 with the same garbage collection properties
>     and with good performances) that inherited functions all have
>     access to. It works, but it's burdensome and doesn't read as well
>     as object properties.
> On the other hand, private names seem to add complexity to proxies
A huge share of this complexity has been removed in recent discussions
[1]. Conclusions seem to have reach consensus on es-discuss, but nothing
has been officially accepted by TC39

> and mixin composition.
What do you mean? Private name allow to do mixins without collision. It
seems to reduce the complexity than increasing it in my opinion.


[1] See discussion starting at
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