Experimental implementation of Object.observe & JS Utility library now available

Rafael Weinstein rafaelw at chromium.org
Mon Aug 13 12:28:43 PDT 2012

Hi all,

As promised, here is an experimental implementation of the
Object.observe strawman in a branch of v8:


[Note that there are Mac & Windows binaries of Chromium for everyone's
convenience. The links to the binaries are contained in the README.md
-- and also at the bottom of the page].

Also, here is a JS Utility library which uses the Object.observe()
mechanism and exposes some higher-level and more convenient
abstractions (such as path observation & array splice computations):


[Note that this library is to Object.observe as MutationSummary
(http://code.google.com/p/mutation-summary/) is to DOM Mutation


Expect (and report) bugs in both and crashes in the v8 impl, but it
should be stable enough now for actual experimentation & prototyping.

Unless someone feels otherwise, we just assume any feedback go
directly es-discuss (to this thread is fine) so as not to split away
from here any substantive discussion about the feature.


Our next step is to align our tests and the ChangeSummary library with
Tom's excellent proxy implementation so we'll have two experimental
versions which pass the same set of tests (and we can continue to use
Tom's proxy impl as a reference spec-in-code].


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