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But you are criticizing the first paragraph of my email while ignoring the rest.

If we are to fix the problems caused by assignment, should we not first try to list those problems?

On Aug 10, 2012, at 0:15 , Allen Wirfs-Brock <allen at> wrote:

>>> Let’s, simplifyingly, call people who create abstractions “library
>>> authors” and people who use abstractions “normal developers”. It does
>>> make sense to give the latter group specialized tools that help them do
>>> their work. But I’d like to take a step back and ask the following question.
>> It's a very big simplification. There is no "normal developer" in any at least middle-sized project, imnsho. We are all "library authors" most of the time - we create abstractions.
>> So I see the rest of the original post as not at all that strong as it may look.
>> On the contrary, we should definitely help "abstraction writers" to be able to do their work with ease and, which is connected, to help "consumer developers" become "abstraction writers" more easily.
> You beat me to it! Programs of even moderate size and complexity require abstraction.  Arguably that's what real programmers do.  If "library author" means "abstraction creators" then those are exactly the people we want to better support.

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