Hash style comments

Trans transfire at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 16:34:28 PDT 2012

Sorry for the double posts to those whom I've responded to (one to
personal email and one to list). It drives me crazy that the reply-to
address is not the list. As much as I try to remember that I have to
reenter the mailing list address every time, I never seem to do so
until the instant after I hit send. I would ask that the list admin
fix this, but I suspect I will be told it's not a issue, but rather
the proper way to do things. Reminds me of my cable box remote
control. It's so advanced it no longer can turn my TV on and off. I
have to literally walk over to the set just like in the old days! But
hey the cable company assured me their remote controls were state of
the art.

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