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>> What is the endgame? Add more terminology to the spec or try to define a term to be adopted into the spoken lexicon?
>> The former doesn't currently have any ambiguity and the latter is tough because...
>> 1. Most devs don't even use the term "accessor", instead they say "getter-setters"
>> 2. Most devs will use "value" to describe a scalar and "object" or "reference" to describe an object... "data" is used to mean either/both (which is why Brendan's "value objects" makes complete sense: looks like a value, but is actually an object)
>> 3. "method" is the only commonly used term
> Good points.
> Axel, I don't think "we" can redefine the jargon commonly used by JS developers. It's enough to track and influence what's commonly written and spoken.
> In the spec, even ignoring common usage, I would not try to mess with "data property" right now. As Rick notes, "value" may be taken to mean "primitive, not reference (object)."

Got it. Wanted to avoid NIH in my writings, but will try my best to keep my own terminology consistent.

I thought value objects came from “compare by value”, but then I am still making Rick’s point.

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