Autobinding destructuring

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Sun Aug 5 13:38:54 PDT 2012

>>> But it also made me realize that by default, destructuring returns 
>>> unbound methods.      
>>> ...
>> Agreed that this is an obstacle. With operators, one could have a
>> convenient binding selection, but the destructuring case needs a
>> separate solution.
> Why does it need a separate solution? Especially if it's possible in 
> destructring to have both bound and unbound?

Yes, that was misleading. Let me try again:

1 where possible, destructuring should have expression equivalent

2 autobinding selection/destructuring can be done for a whole
    context object, or for selected methods in it

3 there have been suggestions for autobinding selection, ie,
    an expression solution, on a per-method basis

4 your strawman suggested a destructuring solution, on a
    whole-context-object basis

Brendan's suggestion gives us a destructuring equivalent to
an existing expression strawman, on a per-method basis.

I was trying to give an expression equivalent to your
destructuring suggestion, on a whole-context-object basis.

That gives two separate pairs of suggested solutions.

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