Spec feedback on rev 6

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.org
Thu Aug 2 09:17:54 PDT 2012

Herby Vojčík wrote:
> I was not encouraging "informative stuff", I was explicitly speaking 
> about test cases, as there are half-way between - they are test cases 
> for the normative part.

Tests are informative, not normative. This is a matter of definition and 
there's no middle ground.

In practice, real tests are software, as buggy or buggier than a 
well-reviewed spec, and less informative than a well-written spec. The 
spec is normative, though -- never perfect, just the thing people try to 
rally around first, the repository that's idealized as "upstream" of 
implementations, testsuites, books, etc.


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