Bound instance-function vending (was RE: Arrow binding)

Tab Atkins Jr. jackalmage at
Sat Apr 28 19:23:28 PDT 2012

On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 11:13 AM, Angus Croll <anguscroll at> wrote:
> 1) Kevin et al suggested YAGN call/apply on (non-method) functions. Here's a
> pretty neat example where call/apply is a perfect fit for standalone
> functions - and would break if replaced with fat arrows.
> It's a simplified version of a a localStorage function (itself a mixin BTW)
> which defines standard encoding methods and then mixes in whatever storage
> technique is available to the browser. (An added bonus of having functions
> here, aside from privacy, is that we can employ hoisting to move the
> implementation nitty-gritty to the bottom, so as not to obscure the core
> process)

This is a mixin, which means that it needs methods, not functions.
Fat arrows aren't meant for methods.

This should rightly use 'function' (which is meant for methods), or
eventually use a mixin syntax.  (We should keep this in mind as an
example of mixins, so we don't accidentally forbid the ability to
choose which mixin to use dynamically, like this does.)


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