Arrow binding

Brendan Eich brendan at
Tue Apr 24 13:23:46 PDT 2012

Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> The only case that isn't receiving special syntax (and thus which
> could potentially benefit from a dynamic-this thin-arrow function) is
> #3.  However, while #3 is commontoday,  #1 and #2 will eat most of its
> share.  I'm not sure that the remaining #3 cases will be worth a
> special syntax.
> If they are, though, nothing's closing the door on a thin-arrow in the
> future.  No reason to block fat-arrow based on this.

Nicely put and I agree -- but I'm open to "the future" being sooner than 
we think. Getting => past TC39 took some doing, don't want to break 
consensus over pushing ->. Do want to get to -> if the use-cases from 
the field are strong enough.


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