A few arrow function specification issues

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> Counter-question: Isn’t it clear when you create a function whether it is going to be a non-method function or a method?
> It's clear to the implementer - Its not clear to a function that gets it as an argument - unless fn.prototype is checked

I would argue that – in ES.next – whenever a function is passed as an argument, one should always assume that it is a non-method function and completely ignore `this`.

> What is the use case for a non-method function with dynamic this?
> a) Invoke callback in my context

Alternative: introduce an additional parameter for the context.

> b) Functional mixins

Alternative: use object literals to specify those.

> c) Namespacing by call/apply

Alternative: use modules.

Additionally, there are generic methods. But those are methods. And they would work better as non-method functions, anyway. IIRC, there is a proposal for making them available as such (e.g. via a module). Lastly, the main raison d’être of generic functions was `arguments`. With `arguments` on its way out, we’ll need them less.

If we can make this work, it will make JavaScript a much simpler language, much easier to understand for newcomers. Hence, I’m not trying to be glib, above, I’m arguing in favor of making things simpler.

Currently, quite a bit of cleverness is needed for figuring out how to handle `this` (bound, unbound, etc.). If old-school functions are replaced by class declarations (constructors), arrow functions (non-method functions) and method definitions (methods), one will automatically do the right thing.

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