callable objects ?

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Wed Apr 18 16:31:37 PDT 2012

Errr that only applies to private properties that manifest in public
results, as @construct and @call were described. In other cases the private
name I would guess is simply not enforceable because there's no direct link
between the private property and the outside world that has to be enforced.
The shows a flaw of linking a private property with a predictable
observable result.

On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 7:26 PM, Brandon Benvie
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> Proxies seem to be able to support this well given a little bit of extra
> specification. A proxy attempts to forward the apply/construct action
> naively to its target. The result is it either succeeds or doesn't, and the
> same invariant checks would apply (private names have the same rules for
> configurability right?).
> The only difference is that a proxy won't know the result before actually
> attempting to follow through, which means that private non-configurable
> properties are a kind of booby trap if you *don't* always forward
> everything.
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