callable objects ?

David Bruant bruant.d at
Wed Apr 18 08:09:17 PDT 2012

Le 17/04/2012 22:44, Brendan Eich a écrit :
> Let there be private names @call and @construct (I'll spell them this 
> way to avoid tedious imports of const bindings from "@std" or another 
> built-in module).
> Let Clause 15.3.5 include new non-configurable, non-writable 
> properties of function objects named by @call and @construct (built-in 
> functions have only @call). The values are built-in and need a bit 
> more thought than I can spare now, but see below: @call's value is 
> close to the original value of, and 
> @construct's value is straightforward enough I think.
> (...)
> Change 11.2.3 "Function Calls" to use @call not [[Call]], passing the 
> /thisValue/ and /argList/ according to the 
> convention: (thisValue, ...argList).
@call as own property only or is it inherited as well?


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